Tennessee Interstate @ 50 Committee

Bob Brown, Region 2 Director, TDOT
Martha Carver, TDOT Historian
Don Chambers, LoJac, Inc., Lebanon, Tennessee
Chris Christianson, Assistant to the TDOT Chief Engineer
Fred Corum, TDOT Region 1 Director
Johnny F. Coleman, Mid-State Construction, Co. Inc.
Kim Keelor, TDOT Public Information Manager
Ruth Letson, TDOT Librarian
Dr. Lisa Pruitt, Head of Al Gore, Sr. Center, MTSU
Phyllis Qualls-Brooks, Assistant Commissioner, Dept. of Tourist Development
Bill Wallace, PBS&J
Luanne Grandinetti, Interstate@50 Chair, TDOT Manager of Communications
Phone: 615-741-2331
Email: Luanne.Grandinetti@state.tn.us

Ralph Comer, Co-Chair, TDOT Senior Planner
Phone: 615-741-3421
Email: Ralph.Comer@state.tn.us

Ex Officio:
Ed Cole, TDOT Chief of Environment and Planning
Paul Degges, TDOT Chief Engineer
Judy Steele, TDOT Community Relations Director

Other Contact Information:
Community Relations Division: 615-741-2331
Website: TnInterstate50.com